Nov 11 2014

Dog and cat Neuters – What you need to know!

Kitten and Puppy

Selecting a good veterinarian to neuter your dog and cat is very important. Our Veterinarians at Blue Cross Animal Hospital have over 35 years of experience providing dog and cat neuter services; here are a few things you should know.

Advantages of neutering

Neutering your pet reduces the risk of both prostate cancer and prostatitis. Hormone-related diseases such as perianal adenoma are also reduced with neutering. Testicular cancer is completely eliminated. Neutering your pet also reduces certain types of aggression.

Interesting fact

Intact males can smell a female in heat over a quarter mile away! If your dog is having behavioral problems, how do you know your neighbors don’t have a female in heat? Neutering your pet will reduce the sexual urge which results in less roaming and typically better behavior.

Always consider AAHA veterinary clinics

AAHA (American Animal Hospital Association) veterinary clinics are tested on 900 standards including surgical care. Strict surgical protocols ensure a safe and sterile neuter.

Blood work is crucial

Pre-anesthetic blood work is vital to the safety of your pet. This service screens the blood levels to ensure a safe surgery. It can be dangerous to put your pet under anesthesia without knowing the blood levels. Blood work should always be included with pet neuter services.

Something to consider

AAHA veterinary clinics always use the most advanced sterile techniques for surgery. Your pet’s hair will be shaved around the surgical site and the skin cleaned with surgical scrub in preparation for the procedure.

A veterinarian with your pet’s safety in mind will always wear a sterile cap, gown, mask, and gloves. A fresh sterilized surgical pack should be used when neutering your pet.

During the neuter

Experienced veterinarians will track your pet’s body temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, and blood oxygen tissue during the neuter. Specialized heating blankets will be used to maintain your pet’s ideal body temperature. A licensed veterinary technician should assist your veterinarian before, during, and after the neuter.

How good are their prices

Research is important in evaluating pricing for neuter services, depending on what components are included.  All neuter services should include blood work before surgery. Pain medication should be administered before and after the neuter to comfort your pet. Does the price include take home medication and the medical collar (to prevent them from licking the incision)? What about the anesthesia? Will a licensed veterinary technician assist your veterinarian before and after the neuter? How will your pet wake up after surgery? What is done to monitor my pet during the neuter?

Bottom line

There are many choices for veterinary clinics, Blue Cross Animal Hospital prides itself in offering the best care for clients and their pets.

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