• Cartoon Mouse

    Important Changes Coming to Common Rodent Poisons

    Nov 12 2014

    Dangers of Rodenticide poisoning past and future   Rodent poisoning is a relatively common toxicity seen in veterinary medicine, and if discovered in time and treated appropriately often has excellent…

  • Dog with money on it's mouth

    Earn a $25 Credit on Your Account….

    Nov 12 2014

    It’s easy…all you have to do is refer a new client to us. When the new client shows up for their appointment they will be asked to fill out a…

  • Kitten and Puppy

    Dog and cat Neuters – What you need to know!

    Nov 11 2014

    Selecting a good veterinarian to neuter your dog and cat is very important. Our Veterinarians at Blue Cross Animal Hospital have over 35 years of experience providing dog and cat neuter services;…

  • Blue Cross Animal Hospital Laparoscopic Surgery

    Laparoscopic Surgery – The Next Big Thing in Veterinary Medicine

    Oct 18 2014

    Laparoscopy….Not just for people anymore Laparoscopic surgery, has gained huge popularity as a minimally invasive surgery in the world of human medicine. Many people have had a laparoscopic procedure themselves…

  • Houdini receiving medical attention

    A Sticky Situation

    Sep 01 2014

    Meet Houdini. Houdini is your average, happy, hyper girl that LOVES to get into things and chew to her little heart’s content. This has not served Houdini too bad in…

  • Reasons for cats to visit the vet.

    Why (and how) Your Cat Should Visit the Vet!

    Aug 26 2014

    The hiding under the bed (perfectly in the center where unreachable), the strategic placement of the cat carrier days before a planned vet visit, the pleading cries of your cat…