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Click on the titles below for some really good resources for you and your pet. Please take a moment to peruse the list below. If you think of a resources that should be on this list, please let us know by using the contact form located on the site.

Pet Links

The web is constantly changing and it is important to us at Blue Cross Animal Hospital that we have the most updated information presented on our website. If you know of a link that would be of interest or would like to report a broken link, please contact Ira Eichenfield at

Before going to any of the links provided please read our hospital disclaimer. We are not responsible for the content found through any of the links provided as these are just a reference. Always use safe internet techniques when surfing the internet.

Las Vegas Dog Parks

We have a pretty good list of the local dog parks in Las Vegas, NV. If you want to have one added, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Pet Microchips

Blue Cross Animal Hospital provides pet microchips in Las Vegas, Nevada. We strongly believe a microchip should be included in your pet’s standard of care. The microchip is a small device that is inserted under the skin of your dog or cat which has a unique number that can be tracked back to you. Unlike i.d. tags, your pets microchip will always be with them.


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