Blue Cross Dental Difference

At Blue Cross Animal Hospital we recognize that periodontal disease affects nearly 85 percent of all cats and dogs over three years of age. This common disease has been associated with liver, kidney, and heart disorders. It is a frequent cause of pain and leads to poor general health. Often, pets do not show signs of pain or discomfort due to their instinct to hide pain and not miss an opportunity to eat. For more detailed information see Pets have teeth too

The good news: dental disease is a preventable and treatable problem in most pets. They respond with a noticeable increase in vigor and overall well-being. We provide the highest quality dental care as we strive to improve your pets’ health and comfort. Our doctors and technicians have advanced training in dentistry and can provide high quality dental cleaning, radiography, and oral surgery.

To ensure a clear understanding of how and why we are different we have provided a detail of how dental services are performed at Blue Cross Animal Hospital.

  • Dental Exam – completed prior to anesthesia, to get an idea of potential problems
  • Pre-anesthetic blood work – to evaluate organ function
  • IV Catheter – to administer fluids (for the support of blood pressure) and medications as needed
  • Preemptive pain medication – allows patients to remain comfortable during and after recovery
  • Monitoring of the heart, pulse rate, body temperature, and blood pressure during surgery
  • Monitoring of respiratory gases such as Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
  • Visual Observation – before, during, and after the procedure
  • Hot air blanket – used during procedure to support core body temperature
  • Licensed Veterinary Technicians complete the cleaning portion of the procedure
  • Oral X-Rays – taken of the entire mouth to determine the health of the teeth below the gum line, and determine the extent of periodontal disease and any needed therapy
  • Plaque/Calculus Removal – performed with an Ultrasonic Scaler
  • Plaque (Scaling) Under the Gum – to remove plaque or debris below the gum line
  • Patient is checked for pockets under the gum line which can introduce bacteria into the gums
  • The teeth are then polished and rinsed, then fluoride is applied
  • If extractions or additional oral surgery is necessary it may be completed at that time once the doctor has consulted with owner by telephone. If pet has been under anesthesia for a long period, additional procedures may be performed at a later time (2-4 weeks later)
  • Our staff closely monitors our patients during the recovery by regularly checking vital signs and maintaining their comfort
  • Discharge – a full report is provided with details of the completed procedure. Instructions are provided for routine dental home care to further extend the benefits of the professional cleaning
  • We will provide several options to aid your home care program and the support to establish a healthy and fun routine that will work for your household
  • You will be contacted the next day to ensure your pet is doing well and recovering as expected

We urge you to contact Blue Cross Animal Hospital should you have any questions about our dentistry service. We are available seven days a week for your convenience. Dental procedures are typically performed Monday-Friday to allow adequate time for the procedure and a proper recovery period before going home.

Location Hours
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