Pet Surgery

What precautions are taken to help ensure a safe surgery?

Your pet’s safety is our highest priority. Each patient is given a complete exam by a veterinarian before undergoing anesthesia. Each patient is required to have a panel of blood to screen for underlying health problems. Each patient has an IV catheter, which provides us direct access to the vein to distribute fluids and medication.

What procedures are taken to ensure a clean and sterile surgery?

As an A.A.H.A accredited veterinary facility, we use the most advanced sterile techniques and technology. Sterile caps, gowns, surgical masks, and gloves are worn during every surgery. A sterilized surgical pack will be used for each procedure. The patient’s hair is shaved around the surgical site and the skin is cleaned with surgical scrubs.

What is done to monitor my pet during surgery?

Here at Blue Cross Animal Hospital we believe technology is power. During each surgery your veterinarian will be assisted by a licensed veterinary technician. Our combination surgery monitor is capable of continuously monitoring heart rate, ECG tracing, pulse oximetry (tissue oxygenation), blood pressure and temperature. A Doppler unit can be used as a back-up to monitor heart rate. We use specialized heating blankets to maintain an ideal temperature during surgery. All patients have an IV catheter which provides us direct access to the vein in an emergency situation.

How do we keep your pet comfortable before and after surgery?

Prior to surgery your patient will receive pre-anesthetic medication which contains a pain reliever. After the surgery is complete, your pet will receive another dose of pain medication to keep them relaxed as they recover from the procedure. After completing surgery, all patients are monitored by a licensed veterinary technician in our state of the art ICU recovery room.

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